OkBaby Mod 10+ Child Seat

OkBaby Mod 10+ Child Seat

OkBaby Mod 10+ Child Seat

Price:   € 94.00

Available in store only.

A reclining GT with ABS (Automatic Barycenter System)


Child weight MAX: 22 kg

To be fixed on the seat tube with diameter between 28 and 40 mm

The seat can be reclined in 7 different positions (max 15°)

Adjustable longitudinally in 8 different positions to ensure correct fitting to various type of frames

Footrests: height adjustment from behind in 15 positions

Equipped with safety straps to prevent contact with the wheel spokes

3-point safety harness adjustable in height in three positions and adjustable in length

Approved Rear reflector, to make the bike seat more visible on the road

Thermoformed, water-repellent and weatherproof padding

The padding can be hand washed in lukewarm water with neutral soap

Toxic-free materials

Equipped with combination lock security system bracket

Patented model: you can recline the bike seat without compromising the balance, because the center of gravity stays in place over the center of the wheel

You can recline the bike seat with the child on it, while riding your bike, thanks to a central push-button.

The seat can be also mounted on power-assisted bicycles (E-bikes).