Cateye Duplex Helmet Light

Cateye Duplex Helmet Light

Cateye Duplex Helmet Light

Price:   € 31.99


Looking for a great around town lighting system at very reasonable price? The Duplex is just that. Providing both headlight and rear light in one unit, the Duplex easily mounts to your helmet with an included rubber strap and provides up to 100 hours of run time on only two AAA batteries. The light is easy to operate and can be switched between constant beam and flashing modes simply by pressing and holding a button. Making yourself visible in city traffic can help motorists see you better, and a good helmet mounted light that is worn on your head, up and away from the distraction of car lights, can really make you stand out in a sea of vehicles. Use your head, and use a light.

Easy attachment to helmet via a long rubber attachment strap that can turn through 360 degrees

Non fiddly operation - the lamp is activated by pressing the rear light lens

Two modes: Front flash / rear flash or front constant / rear flash modes

Runs off 2 x AAA batteries for much longer runtimes

Front run times: 100 hours (15 lumen constant beam or 30 lumen flashing)

Rear run times: 100 hours (10 lumen flashing)