Berg Extra Sport BFR -3

Berg Extra Sport BFR -3

5+ Years

Berg Extra Sport BFR -3
Price: € 749.00

There is no stopping you on this BERG Extra Sport BFR-3! This top go-kart has no less than three gears, a handy coaster brake and a freewheel so that you can take on any adventure. The cool reflector mudguards ensure that you are noticeable in the dark and that you do not get dirty when racing through muddy puddles. Make your go kart even more complete with all kinds of accessories like a second seat, flashing lights and much more!

  • Equipped with the unique BFR hub, incorporating a back pedal brake, together with forward and reverse pedaling
  • Adjustable seat
  • The wheels run fast and smooth due to the roll-bearing wheels
  • The double ball-bearing steering mechanism ensures accurate steering and easy maneuverability
  • Perfect road holding and stability thanks to the swing axle
  • The BFR-3 system has three gears for optimal speed and comfort