Secure Your Bicycle

Cycle theft is a big problem around the country. Unfortunately, if a thief wants to steal your bicycle, they will always be able to given enough time and the right tools but, if you make life hard for the thief, if it looks hard to steal, they'll move on to the next one. With this in mind, there are a few general tips you could follow...

  • Your bike should be more secure than the bike next to it
  • Always attach your bicycle to an immovable object and not to something that can be easily broken or lifted up
  • Choose a good location - preferably well lit with a lot of foot traffic.
  • If you are stacking your bike alongside others, lock your bike in the middle as opposed to the end, there will be less room for the thief to maneuver and also there will be other bikes that are less secure and therefore more appealing to a thief than yours
  • Bags, baskets, lights, bells, and anything that can be removed should be taken with you

How To Lock Your Bicycle:

While you will never be able to 100% secure your bicycle, it is worth investing in a decent lock. Good quality D-Locks , also known as U-Locks, are generally regarded as the best protection you can buy. There are several ways you can lock your bike securely and how you will choose will depend on what works for you but generally as a rule of thumb

  • Always lock both the frame and the back wheel to the immovable object. 
  • Never rely solely on a cable lock to secure your bike.
  • Keep the lock as far from the ground as possible with the keyhole facing down.
  • Use multiple locks.
  • If you are using a D-Lock, ensure that it is a tight fit, the less room inside will make it difficult for thieves to use their tools