Try Before You Buy


If you love cycling but find that you are just lacking that bit of oomph when it comes to the bumpier sections, maybe electric bikes are the answer.

You will still get all the advantages of a regular bicycle such as fun and exercise but now you will have a helping hand in taking the sting out of those uphill sections. Electric bikes still need to be pedalled to move, they just help with the hills and wind. Assistance can be reduced or turned off completely at any time. Perfect for the customers who want to keep up with their faster friends or venture beyond their standard route, E-bikes take fitness and endurance out of the equation and lets you simply enjoy riding your bike. 

Why not take a spin on the Athlone to Mullingar Greenway or along the Canal. A test ride is the perfect way to experience how the electric bike feels and reacts to you and your riding style. 


If you purchase a brand new electric bike from us after the trial, there will be no charge for the rental period.


  • Terms and Conditions apply, subject to availability.
  • Collect the bike from our shops or have the bike delivered and collected for a fee.
  • A security deposit will be taken which is fully refundable upon return of the bike.
  • For all electric bike rental services we require a photocopy of an acceptable proof of identity.